Week Eleven - Painting

Canon 6Dii / Sigma 14-24mm (21mm) / 0.4sec / f22 / ISO50
Claude Monet - The Cliffs at Etretat (1885)


Explore the connection between different art mediums and challenges you to translate the visual language of painting into photography.

– Choose a famous painting from any era or style. It could be a Renaissance piece like the Mona Lisa, an Impressionist work like Starry Night, or even something more modern.
– Your task is to reinterpret this painting as a photograph. Try to capture the essence, mood, or theme of the painting, but give it your own unique twist.
– You don’t need to recreate the painting exactly. Instead, think about the elements of the painting that stand out to you and how you can represent them in a fresh and contemporary way.
– Along with your photo, provide the name and an image of the original painting for comparison.

I took this photo at a workshop down the coast, near Kiama, at a location called Cathedral Rocks. The colour palette immediately reminded me of a Claude Monet painting.

I actually confess I didn’t do this photo specifically for the challenge – I just had in the back of my mind that I had to create something for this brief the weekend I was away and thought seascape could go with impressionism.

The workshop focused on using movement in water to create magical landscapes. I used a tripod and a slow-ish shutter speed to create the look, along with timing the water to when it was being drawn out.

I didn’t receive much feedback for this piece of work, other than it was pretty, pastel, and looked almost painterly. The feedback was all positive and viewers generally had a very positive reaction to this work.

One viewer commented they loved the ombre sky, and the composition with distinct foreground, middle ground and background. They did also comment that the image seemed slightly off (I think perhaps its the super wide angle lens and the rocks?). They said they could see a cohesiveness between the painting and the photo and that the lighting is so similar. They said the photo was calm and pleasing to the eye.

Another viewer said the colour palette is gorgeous. The lighting is so similar and its amazing that you could find such a cohesive set.

Strangely I wasn’t that fussed on this photograph when I took it. However I will admit that it has grown on me. Such lovely feedback has made this easier. I feel as though perhaps it is slightly out of balance, maybe it needs cropping? I feel as though it isn’t 100% right but I will keep that in mind for another day and another seascape!