Week Ten - Landscape

Canon 6Dii / Tamron 150-600mm (150mm) / 1/200sec / f22 / ISO2000


The landscape tradition in art stretches back to ancient times. The word landscape in photography refers to both the genre of landscape images (pictures of the natural and urban environment including seascapes and cityscapes) and pictures which are wider than they are high (landscape format, as opposed to portrait format).

Produce a landscape image that either resonates with the spirit of the New Topographics movement or with the more traditional approach of the Group f/64.

Keep in mind the:
– Weather
– Location
– Light

You may wish to utilise the traditional techniques of foreground and anchor.

This photograph was taken in New Zealand, so to be fair it wasn’t specifically taken for this challenge, however, I had been sitting on the editing for a while so took the opportunity.

This was a bit of a lucky shot. I was on top of a hill on a farm as the sun was going down to the west of Lake Tekapo. I had been experimenting with using a long focal length for landscapes with my Tamron lens and snapped this handheld. The sunburst was intentional as it was my last opportunity as the sun went down behind the mountains around 4 minutes later. I had to have my ISO up quite high to get the exposure correct, with a reasonable shutter speed to account for being handheld, and a small aperture for the sunburst.

I was immediately drawn to the copse of trees along the rolling hills and thought it was an unusual feature in an otherwise empty landscape in front of the mountains.

– Wonderful colour!
– Love the sun burst and it surprisingly adds to the photo, doesn’t detract from it.
-Interesting focal length and compression
– Good use of a landscape anchor with the trees
– Sun and sky not blown out and everything exposed correctly (can see highlights and shadows)
– Great being able to see all the textures in the rolling hills and the mountains
– Trees are so great as they are central to the image
– Looking at this makes me peaceful and calm, it is very tranquil
– Apparently would look better with sheep
– Super well composed and the sun burst is amazing

Feedback was given on the 17th of October.

I feel as the time of writing (mid November), my landscape photography has actually developed to be more complex and considered than this photo. I am not sure what I would have done differently at this stage, however I feel in the moment I might have composed this differently.

Strangely I have been using wider focal lengths for landscapes recently after a period of shooting a lot of long focal length landscapes. I feel like this could have had the same level of interest with a wider focal length and more of the context included.

However, I am being hard on myself as everyone I asked for feedback on this photograph was really complimentary. I am just always striving to improve my work.