Week Eight - Typology

Various photos - Canon 6Dii / Sigma 50mm / 1/160sec / f2.5 / ISO100 with on camera direct flash


A photographic typology is commonly a body of photographic work, that shares a high level of consistency. This consistency is usually found within the subjects, environment, photographic process, and presentation or direction of the subject.

The creation of a typology is likely to be employed for one of two intentions. To enable objective comparison of subjects that share similar visual characteristics, or to create a relationship between subjects that share no obvious visual relationship.

Produce a photographic typology of some sort. Take at least 6 to 9 images.

If you can, arrange the images to produce a single image, otherwise name and number so they appear in the submission in the order that you want them to be in.

Don’t just tick a box – Use your imagination!

I considered a few ideas but was limited on time this week, so I used a social event I had already committed to, to double as a photography expedition. I got a photographers pass for a metal show at The Basement. I decided that metal band T-shirts would make for interesting subject matter as they are all unique and have differing levels of readability. I purposefully wanted to include a variety, including some that were completely unreadable.

It was my first time asking strangers on mass if I could take photographs. It was also the first time I have used on camera flash in a busy environment. I chose to intentionally not include people’s heads as I wanted to focus on the shirts, while also giving a hint of personality to each of the subjects.

I planned the shoots pretty meticulously in advance to ensure that I could make the photographs as similar as possible. I decided to use a prime lens to make sure I wasn’t changing my focal length at any point. I tested my lighting and exposure on a friend who was with me and then didn’t touch my settings for the rest of the photographs to ensure consistency. I chose a shallow depth of field to ensure that even though the photographs were taken from varying spots around the venue they were cohesive and any variations in the background made for an interesting, but not distracting, feature.

I took around 35 photographs this night, however chose a smaller and more consistent set for my final photographs.

Feedback was given on the 19th of September in class.
– Particularly like the contrast, dark backgrounds and dark clothing with colourful pops.
– Good job of photographing different subjects and styles with them being cohesive.
– Crisp and vibrant!
– Good choice of intentional placement with colours – the green 0n either side and the red on the bottom row, also blue at the top.
– Interesting choice not including faces, it shows off the shirts but also strangely includes hints of the character wearing them.
– Very cohesive lighting. Great utilisation of the blurry background to make the subjects.
– Small constructive criticism to have rows of front or back of shirts in each column.

Not much to really reflect on for this one. The feedback was mostly positive and I really enjoyed this process. I would like to continue this as an ongioing project when I have some time as it was really fun.

I learnt a lot from this project, I had to really consider some of the technical aspects which I found was a fun challenge to get the look I wanted.