Week Seven - Street Photography

Image One: Canon 6Dii / Sigma 24-105mm (57mm) / 1/50sec / f9 / ISO100, Image Two: Canon 6Dii / Sigma 24-105mm (105mm) / 1/160sec / f4 / ISO100


Street photography captures authentic moments in everyday life, offering a raw and unfiltered glimpse into diverse cultures, human connections, and the essence of urban environments.


Take two images that include people in street photography style. Consider the techniques used by various artists as discussed in class. One example is the work of Joel Meyerowitz, who sets up shots and waits for people to walk into them:

Joel Meyerowitz said that he used to run around the streets all day, looking for “decisive moments” – but discovered that it was kind of a waste of time (and of energy). So he started to do something different: he would just find interesting and busy street corners (in which people are walking towards him in all 4-directions) and just keep his feet planted and photograph that one street corner.

While the original brief suggested using dramatic light a the start or end of the day to add to the atmosphere of the photographs, we ended up using class time to take these photographs during the middle of the day.

I tried to use a mixture of techniques to achieve the outcome that I desired. I only took 67 photographs over a couple of hours that day, due to attempting to be strategic about framing and timing.

For the bike rider I knew I wanted to include the neon lights of 88mph as I saw they were on during the day despite the club being closed. I thought that I could wait for someone on a scooter or bicycle to ride into the shot and use a slow shutter speed to add movement into the photograph. The irony being that the movement wouldn’t be at 88mph. I stood and waited and within 10 minutes I got this lucky shot. I had actually been in the location for another concept I had been planning for a while, but this photograph was far more well executed for the time of day it was taken.

For the photograph of the man, this was taken on a street in Braddon. He was dressed so wonderfully and just stood out amongst everyone else walking past. We asked him for a photograph, initially he said no and then changed his mind. He was somewhat of a hesitant model. I wanted to focus on getting a blurry background so used my lens as zoomed in as possible at f4.

Feedback given in class on the 12th of September.

Image One:
– Love the timing of it and the story it tells with the 88mph and the bicycle. Like the image being split into graffiti and glass.
-Clever placement of the text and subject.
– Too blurry, and the graffiti is annoying and displeasing to the eye.
– I like it! A regular person going about their regular day, oblivious to being captured on camera.

Image Two:
– Captured how casual/cool the subject is. The focus is awesome, the depth of field choice makes him pop. Not overly posed, captured the moment.
– Nice DOF, the framing is great, nice details included in the photograph.
– Separation with subject and background could be better (other person walking and the petrol station).
– Interesting posed street fashion style. Want to know more about his story.
– “Not someone I would choose to photograph, not someone I would stop and ask.”

I feel as though street photography is a genre of photography that is equal parts skill building and luck. I found this challenge to be really fun, and it got me out of my comfort levels on multiple fronts.

I would like to go out and take more street photos as they really make you embrace the creativity of the moment and use the conditions you are given. I can see how this would give you growth as a photographer and I see value in this genre of photography.