Week Five - Post Modernism

Canon 6Dii / Sigma 24-105mm (35mm) / 1/100sec / f7.1 / ISO400

27th AUGUST 2023

Postmodern photographers are particularly interested in the selective, constructed nature of the photograph.

Create a constructed scene image that alludes to a narrative.
– You may wish to brainstorm some ideas first. Using play and make-believe to set the scene.
– Make sure the use of camera angel techniques is considered to tell the narrative (high angle, low angle, over the shoulder, etc).
– Think of the best location, lighting, background, lens choice, aperture to tell the story.

I was contemplating what in my life around me could be cinematic or tell a unique story. I decided that taking a photo in my workplace of the “behind the scenes” of brothel life could be an interesting concept. I wanted to make sure the feeling was natural (even though it was constructed), and that it has a sense of ambiguity or incompleteness to it. I wanted the story to be portrayed in a simple and easy to digest manner.

The photograph shows three workers outside during a break in the days clients. The concept being that they are dressed in lingerie and work shoes while being in quite a bland and mundane environment. One of them is wearing a sweatshirt and smoking a cigarette while wearing stripper shoes.

I took this photograph from further down a set of stairs looking up at the models to include the postmodern technique of unusual angles. I cropped the image in post production to 16:9 ratio for a cinematic style and added a preset (yes, the shock and horror), to add a cinematic and slightly retro feel (not something I would normally do). I wanted to make the mundane more glamorous or the glamorous more mundane.

– More contrast – looks too dull.
– Love this photo! (immediate reaction)
– Tells a narrative, makes you wonder what the people in the photo are doing, could be interpreted many ways.
– Good with simple elements. Best photos throughout history have simple elements, simple can be better than complicated.
– Looks great! Love the vertical lines with the legs incorporated into the shot. Very Richard Kern style.

I am only reasonably happy with this photo. While it was planned it was also opportunistic to a certain extent as it was taken around work commitments. If I had more time I believe the outcome would have been different, and possibly better.

I am really happy with the settings I used, however not as happy about the colouring. I feel like it still lacks something, however I am not sure what. The feedback has made me consider the beauty of simplicity and the concept that it can still tell a story.

I wouldn’t mind eventually recreating a series of photographs on this theme as it is an area of life that I am passionate about and something I think I could build on. Maybe this is just a prototype?