Week Three - Pictoralism & Modernism

Image One: Canon 6Dii / Sigma 35mm / 1/1000sec / f1.8 / ISO100 Image Two: Canon 6Dii / Sigma 24-105mm (24mm) / 1/200sec / f22 / ISO800



The pictorialists used laborious and time-consuming techniques to create their beautiful work, such as photogravure.
Digital photography enables us to replicate the aesthetics of the pictorialists without the hard labour.

Create a Pictorialist style image on campus. Consider:
– Out of focus – Slightly throw the scene/subject out of focus.
– Use something in front of the lens (old stocking).
– Long shutter speed – A touch of subject movement.
– Camera movement – Introduce a subtle amount of movement.
– Shallow depth of field – Create those soft edges.
– Black and white/sepia edit – Set in camera so no post-processing is required.


Create a Modernist style image on campus. Consider the works by Laszlo Moholy-Nagy and Edward Weston. How have they ‘defamiliarised’ their subject matter? Create an image that uses this approach.


I went for a walk with some of my classmates to Glebe Park and we took photos together. I wanted to go for a religious style photograph for the pictorialism to emulate a painting. I used a stocking over the lens to achieve the affect.

With the modernism, I took a photograph on the CIT campus. I wanted to make this in the style of Russian Modernism. I used the angles and looked upwards to try and create something in the Russian style. I made it monochrome and added the text to give it the Russian advertising feel.


Cohesive colour with the model’s jumper and the background.
Good framing & nice posing of model.
Awesome halo effect.
Graffiti gives it a modern affect, which contrasts with the old style.
Placement of model could go up.
Next time scarf placement could be better.


Colour and lines are perfect.
Texture and tones are really interesting and draw you in.
Abstract look is awesome, not sure what it is.
Framing is gooooood!


I really enjoyed this challenge. I am not necessarily blown away by any of my photos, but I still really enjoyed the day we took these and learnt a lot from the experience. I do quite like my concepts though and would be keen to do a reshoot or see where the skills could take me in the future.